Installation d'applications en mode "sans attente"

Unattended Firefox

After a couple of days to read on Internet about unattended Firefox installation. Here is my method.
This method is based on Bob Templeton method and the description by Felix). I have found also the SiMoNsAyS method but it seems that French version setup program can't work with this method. (Silent mode is bugged)

I install a fresh Firefox.
I copy the extension XPIs files in the Firefox directory.
I install extensions with "Firefox -install-global-extension The_XPI_File.xpi" from DOS mode and then I delete XPIs files.
I launch Firefox and I configure :
- Start page (
- All the bookmarks
- Plugins
   * Acrobat Reader
   * Quick Time Alternative
   * Flash Player
- Firefox settings and extension settings
Firefox has created a random.default directory in Application data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles Its content (without cache subdirectory) is copied in program files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile (I verify there is no chrome.rdf file in the chrome directory)
In the file prefs.js I replace the account name in paths by : ***USER ACCOUNT NAME***
I add MY CreateProfile.vbs file (Bob file modified) in Application data\Mozilla\Firefox. It will replace ***USER ACCOUNT NAME*** by account path name in prefs.js.
All the content of Application data\Mozilla\Firefox is zipped with WinRar in Firefox_1.0_FR.rar
I open the .rar file and with WinRar and I make a SFX with these options :
- Path=Mozilla Firefox
- SavePath
- Silent=1
- Overwrite=1
- Title=Firefox
- Shortcut=D, "firefox.exe", "", "", "Firefox 1.0"
- Shortcut=P, "firefox.exe", "", "", "Firefox 1.0"

In order to install, I execute Firefox_1.0_FR.exe and after, I execute CreateProfile.vbs
CreateProfile.vbs copy the default profile (At the first run Firefox can copy default profile itself but in this case it propose to import Internet Explorer bookmarks : it's stupid on a new installation) and customize the paths embeded in the prefs.js file with the user name. (Since I install the extensions with global method there is no chrome.rdf file in the profile and so , no need to customize it !)